TBC and Nutrisions


ABSTRACTS This research was conducted to find the difference of weight and body mass index value (BMI) on patients with positive acid resistant bacteria tuberculosis (ARB) before and after being treated with anti tuberculosis (ATD) category 1 intensive stage. Research subjects are taken by restrictive methode from all of the positive ARB patients in medication of Puskesmas Rujukan Mikroskopis (PRM) and Puskesmas Pelaksana Mandiri (PPM) ini Kabupaten Banjar by the year 2004.The research is an experimental researh with one group pre and post test design approach. Data collecting was done by measuring the weight and height of patients in pre and post medication. Description of nutrition state by BMI are pre medication nutritional state thin 43% female, 75,3% productive age, 66,6% average monthly income < Rp. 500.000, 47,3% positive ARB grade 1. Post medication, nutritional state thin 34,4% female, 58,1% productive age, 53,7% average monthly income < Rp. 500.000, 40,9% positive ARB grade 1. Change of nutritional state, thin – normal/fat 133,3% female, 114,3% productive age, 100% average monthly income Rp. 500.000 – Rp. 1.000.000, 100% positive ARB grade 2. Pre medication nutritional state 82,8% thin, 16,1% normal 1,1% fat. Post medication nutritional state 66,7% thin, 31,1% normal 2,2% fat. Pre medication average weight 39,4946 kgs, post medication average weight 41,9763 kgs. Pre medication BMI 16,3925 (nutritional state thin severe lack of weight) post medication BMI 17,4409 (nutritional state thin mild lack of weight).The result of paired T-test statistical test, showed that there are differences of weight and BMI value of patients with positive ARB in pre and post medication with ATD category 1 intensive stage (p<0,05). Keyword : Positive acid resistant bacteria tuberculosis, anti tuberculosis drugs category 1 intensive stage, weight, nutritional state, body mass index (BMI).



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